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Seniors and Transportation

When I talk to community groups about long-term care, I almost always get a question about dad's car keys: An adult child fears for the safety of dad (and other drivers who share the road with him). Dad is terrified that he'll lose a huge piece of his independence when he can no longer drive to the supermarket or visit friends. And, in truth, dad isn't wrong. In too [...]

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Families and Providers Need to Prepare for a New Elder Care World

As if we needed it, this week has provided yet more evidence that the world of both medical and long-term care services for seniors is changing in profound ways. It is complicated and hard to follow, but the bottom line is this: There will be increasingly less government support for the services frail seniors and their families need. And senior services [...]

The Coming Budget Freeze on Elder Care, and What to Do About It

Prepare yourself for big new cuts in government support for elder care.   In his State of the Union address last evening, President Obama called for a five-year freeze on a narrow slice of the federal budget. Unfortunately, programs subject to the freeze would include many that are critically important to the frail elderly and younger people with disabilities--especially those living in [...]

A Great Old Housing Alternative for Seniors

Among the great challenges we all face as we age is where to live. We may be a bit too frail to stay in our suburban colonial, but are not nearly ready for assisted living, to say nothing of a nursing home. We could move to a traditional large retirement community such as a Leisure World, but that would mean moving to a [...]

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