Why Can’t We Expand Access To Transportation For Older Adults?

Why can’t we do a better job providing safe, cost-effective, and reliable transportation to older adults? For decades, we’ve known about the consequences of poor transportation. It is a major reason why people miss medical appointments, struggle to shop for food and medicine, and become more socially isolated. It can contribute to malnutrition and falls, result in more emergency department [...]

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How Community Resources Could Fill In For Meals on Wheels

The popular Meals on Wheels program has fallen victim to Congress’ clumsy across-the-board spending cuts called sequestration. As a result, local programs are reducing meals deliveries or putting homebound seniors on waiting lists. It is unfortunate that the program is getting cut, especially since its budget has been frozen throughout the Obama Administration. But these cuts may be an opportunity [...]

Why Do Hill Republicans Want to Make Home and Community Care So Hard?

Why would House Republicans slash programs that make it possible for the frail elderly and adults with disabilities to live at home? Especially since the alternative would often be more costly nursing home care. GOP lawmakers say they support Medicaid's Home and Community Based programs that provide long-term services and supports in the community rather than in nursing homes. Many GOP [...]

Dealing with the Loneliness of Aging

My dad, who had congestive heart failure, lived on the second floor of a garden apartment building that had no elevator. As the disease made him weaker, he could no long walk down the stairs. And for the last year of his life, he was trapped in his own apartment. An "outing" was a slow walk, and eventually, a wheelchair ride about 100 feet to the [...]

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What the Debt Deal Will Mean for Long-Term Care Services

At first glance, it looks like Medicaid and other key government programs for the frail elderly and others with disabilities avoided a major hit in the debt limit agreement reached by Congress today. But in truth all of these programs remain in severe jeopardy. The complex deal calls for several stages of deficit reduction. The first is a cut of $25 billion [...]

Creative New Ideas for Senior Transit as Federal Funding Shrinks

My caringforourparents blog last week on the desperate need for transportation services for seniors generated lots of comments on elder care message boards. Most shared their frustration with the lack of public transit, but others tipped me off to some great ideas for community-based transportation services. The timing is important, given today’s headline that House Republicans are planning on cutting [...]

Seniors and Transportation

When I talk to community groups about long-term care, I almost always get a question about dad's car keys: An adult child fears for the safety of dad (and other drivers who share the road with him). Dad is terrified that he'll lose a huge piece of his independence when he can no longer drive to the supermarket or visit friends. And, in truth, dad isn't wrong. In too [...]

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