Private Equity Firms Are Acquiring Long-Term Care Insurance Policies. What Will It Mean For Policyholders?

Some long-term care insurance companies are turning over their existing policies to private equity firms and other outside investors, a move that will wipe massive liabilities off their books but could put policyholders at risk. The problem: Unlike traditional insurance companies, private equity investors may be investing premiums in high-yielding but speculative securities such as junk corporate bonds. Such a [...]

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Why Don’t More Doctors Provide Medicare Transitional Care?

We’ve known for years that good transitional care programs—services aimed at helping patients make the move from a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) back home, or even from a hospital to a SNF, can improve the health of older adults and save money. But a new study finds that even through Medicare recently began paying physicians extra for providing [...]

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What Do Hurricane Florence And Frail Old Age Have In Common?

What do Hurricane Florence and frail old age have in common? Millions of people know they are coming yet won’t do anything to protect themselves against a high-risk threat. Several recent news items put this in focus. And all of them point in the same direction: Americans are unable to plan for a catastrophe, even one we know is coming. [...]

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A Constitutional Amendment To Cut Benefits For Old and Sick People

The House is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a constitutional amendment to require the federal government to balance its budget every year. Lawmakers would be more honest if they just called it a Constitutional Amendment To Cut Benefits For Old People. Because that’s who’d likely bear the brunt of the spending cuts needed to comply with such a balanced budget [...]

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White House Finally Fills Out Long-Term Care Commission

The White House finally appointed the last three members of the congressional long-term care commission, making it possible for the panel to get down to work. The nominations, which were supposed to have been made by Feb 1, are Henry Claypool, Executive Vice President of the American Association of People with Disabilities and a top aide at the Department of Health and Human [...]

The Future of Geriatric Nursing

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to NICHE,  (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) a joint venture of the Hartford Institute and the New York University School of Nursing dedicated to improving the quality of geriatric nursing. NICHE understands that caring for elders is not like caring for younger patients, and it has developed new techniques to both assess [...]

Families and Providers Need to Prepare for a New Elder Care World

As if we needed it, this week has provided yet more evidence that the world of both medical and long-term care services for seniors is changing in profound ways. It is complicated and hard to follow, but the bottom line is this: There will be increasingly less government support for the services frail seniors and their families need. And senior services [...]

Can the CLASS Act Be Fixed Before It is Killed?

On Thursday, I'll be participating in an Urban Institute  panel on the future of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act, the new national voluntary long-term care insurance program in the 2010 health reform law.  It should be an interesting discussion, with other participants including Marty Ford,  cochair of the Long Term Services and Supports Task Force, Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities; Rhonda Richards of [...]

Powerful New Ways to Integrate Care for Seniors

I'm just back from a two day conference sponsored by the Catholic Health Association on ways we can do a better job integrating both medical and personal care for chronically-ill seniors. There may be no more important issue for the delivery of care to this population. If you don't believe me, ask Don Berwick, who runs the Medicare and Medicaid programs for the federal [...]

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