National Council on Aging

How To Master Growing Old

Growing old is not easy. And it also is not simple. There is a lot of learn about how you can care for your changing body, how to keep and grow social connections, and how to manage your legal and financial life. But where can an older adult learn these things? The Woodbury Senior Community Center in  Litchfield County Connecticut, [...]

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Long-Term Care Services: Forgotten By Most Presidential Candidates

Long-term care services are not on the front burner of the Presidential campaign. They are not on the back burner. They are, it seems, not even on the stove.   Most presidential candidates don't care enough about long-term care services to bother to describe their views on issue. Of the five candidates surveyed by 15 national advocacy groups only two--President Obama and former [...]

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is one of those issues we prefer to not talk about. And, in truth, there is much we don't know about it. For instance, even the most basic data on how often abuse happens are notoriously unreliable. Yet, we know it occurs. And far too often. Financial scams, sometimes orchestrated by trusted advisers and friends; physical abuse by caregivers; physical abuse of caregivers (I [...]

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