Welcome to my new blog, Caring for Our Parents.

I hope this blog can be a way for us to have a conversation about the way we care for the frail elderly and those with disabilities in the U.S. My wife and I helped care for our fathers, so I know a little bit about this assistance from first-hand experience. And as a long-time journalist, I’ve spent many years writing about elder care.  

The blog will include news about the latest research on aging and long-term care services, and information on how we pay for care. How are the frail elderly and their parents weathering the economic slump? How will Baby Boomers help their parents–and save for their own needs in old age? What is the future of nursing homes and assisted living facilities? What will President Obama and Congress do to make it easier on the families who sacrifice so much to help their loved ones?

I’ll also provide a little advice when I can, and we can share ideas on how best to help our loved ones.

I’ll give you my take on what is happening in the world of long-term care services, but please let me know what you think. Welcome to the Caring for Our Parents blog.