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Looking Beyond Medicare’s Nursing Home Ratings: What You Really Should Know Before Picking a Facility

This week, The New York Times published an investigative report by Katie Thomas on Medicare’s five-star rating system for nursing homes.  Among its findings: Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare tool relies largely on self-reported data by the facilities themselves and is thus unreliable. On one hand, this is a bit odd, since Medicare’s website explicitly describes these very shortcomings.  On the [...]

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Medicare and End of Life Planning

The Obama Administration has decided to pay doctors for discussing end of the life issues with their Medicare patients. You may recall that this would have been permitted by the 2010 health law, but the provision was dropped in the face of withering criticism by opponents of health reform, who dubbed these important conversations "death panels."  The new rules are an important first step. Doctors absolutely [...]

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The New York Times, Dementia, and Home Care

I was fascinated by both Dale Russakoff's recent New York Times blog post on dementia care and the reader comments her article generated. Dale's piece was a list of tips on how to care for a person with Alzheimer's and similar diseases. Many were sensible enough, but they didn't begin to describe how difficult it can be to care for a dementia patient. The real lesson is a simple, but painful, [...]

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