Joshua Wiener

Do Seniors Hide Assets to Get Medicaid Long-Term Care Benefits?

There is a widespread belief that seniors, in cahoots with shady lawyers and greedy children, hide their assets so they can receive Medicaid long-term care benefits.  It turns out that this image—sort of the greedy geezer equivalent of Cadillac-driving welfare queens—is largely an urban myth. While some seniors undoubtedly find ways to transfer assets (everyone, it seems, knows someone who has—or [...]

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Aides in Nursing Homes: Not What You Think

The other day, Josh Wiener, who is one of the nation's experts on long-term care, presented three papers on certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in nursing homes. Josh and his colleagues at the consulting firm RTI International looked at quality of care, immigration, and injuries. And some of what they found may surprise you. The papers are available here (some may require [...]

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