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Where is the Best Place To Age In the World? Hint: It isn’t the US

Where in the world would you want to age? According to a comprehensive new study by the group HelpAge International, you want to live your golden years in…Sweden. True, it’s cold. Really cold. But based on more than a dozen key indicators, including income security, health status, employment and education, and ability to live independently, Northern European countries such as [...]

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The CPR Death at Glenwood Gardens: What Really Happened and Five Lessons You Should Learn

By now you know the story—or at least think you do: A nursing home nurse sees an 87-year-old resident in cardiac arrest and calls 9-11. Despite desperate pleas of the call center operator, the nurse refuses to do CPR and the resident dies. Except most of the story isn't true. Lorraine Bayless lived at a Bakersfield (CA) continuing care community called Glenwood [...]

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How Senior Communities Can Connect with Their Neighbors

Too often, we stash our elders away in institutional residential care facilities. And, sadly, even many active seniors choose to separate themselves from the broader world, opting for what they see as the safety and security of gated communities.   This week, I spent a couple of days in Rochester, N.Y., where the St John’s Living Community has developed two [...]

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A Great Old Housing Alternative for Seniors

Among the great challenges we all face as we age is where to live. We may be a bit too frail to stay in our suburban colonial, but are not nearly ready for assisted living, to say nothing of a nursing home. We could move to a traditional large retirement community such as a Leisure World, but that would mean moving to a [...]

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