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Medicare Takes A Big Step Toward Changing the Way It Pays Docs

Last year, Congress changed the way Medicare pays physicians, It scrapped a system that paid docs based largely on the number of procedures and tests they do, and instructed federal Medicare officials to come up with a design that rewards quality and value. Medicare has already moved in this direction for hospitals and health systems, and the new law was [...]

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What the Medicare “Doc Fix” Means for Seniors: Six Things To Know

The House yesterday easily approved some of the biggest changes to Medicare since Congress created the drug benefit a decade ago.  While the measure still must be approved by the Senate and signed by President Obama (who supports it), it represents a significant shift in the way many seniors get—and pay for—their health care. The measure, known in Washington-speak as [...]

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There Is No Shortage of Doctors Willing Take Medicare Patients

Despite widespread claims that doctors are fleeing Medicare, more than 9 in 10 still accept new Medicare patients and fewer than 1 percent have quit the program. The vast majority of seniors have regular access to a doctor and can find a physician when they need one. And Medicare patients are no more likely than others to have to wait [...]

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Congress, Medicare, and The “Doc Fix”

For months, physicians have been refusing to take new Medicare patients, and some are now even dropping long-time patients. The problem: Congress's inability to resolve a now 13-year-long argument over how much Medicare should pay docs. The whole mess started in 1997, when the government concluded that Medicare was overpaying many doctors. The reality was that some physicians probably were being paid too much while others were [...]

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