Changing The Way Medicare Pays Doctors

The Trump Administration has proposed major changes in the way Medicare pays doctors, as well in the ways hospitals disclose prices. Among the immediate adjustments: The government would pay more for some procedures such as kidney dialysis and less for others such as hip and knee replacements. It would also make major revisions to an ambitious new payment model that [...]

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The Myth of the Demanding Patient

Ask a physician why he prescribes unnecessary tests or treatments, and he’s likely to say he’s responding to demands from his patients (or trying to avoid a lawsuit). But a new study in the journal  JAMA Oncology finds that perception may be wildly wrong. The study, by Keerthi Gogineni, Katherine L. Shuman, Derek Chinn, Nicole B. Gabler, and Ezekiel  Emanuel [...]

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What Can Physicians Do To Help Elderly Patients Who Can’t Care For Themselves

Imagine your widowed father is 96 and living alone in a distant city. He’s got severe heart disease and mild dementia but is still competent to make his own choices. And is decision is: He refuses to move to a care facility but will not accept any supports and services that could help him remain safely at home. He won’t let [...]