A Simple Solution To Medicare’s Enrollment Mess

Enrolling in Medicare Part B should be simple. But for years the government has been making enrollment nearly impossible for millions of seniors, especially those who are still working or who have delayed taking their Social Security benefits. They are never told that are eligible for Medicare, they don’t know that they face still penalties if they don’t enroll by [...]

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Why Big Storms Like Irma and Harvey Are Needlessly Killing Frail Elders

You probably saw the headline: Six die in a Florida nursing home in the wake of Hurricane Irma. They won’t be the last frail elders to die needlessly. Many frail seniors who were living on the edge are going to die in southeast Texas and Florida in the coming weeks.  We will probably never know how many because most will [...]

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Medicare’s Cruel Paradox: It Is A Costly Subsidy For Seniors, But They Can’t Live Without It

Which statement is true? 1) Medicare will impose huge burdens on future taxpayers by providing trillions of dollars in government-funded health care to older adults. 2) Many seniors face massive, unaffordable out-of-pocket health costs in old age, even with that government assistance. The answer is: Both.  And that’s the challenge policymakers must confront as they debate what to do about [...]

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Could Congress Boost Medicaid Long-Term Care Benefits For Some By Curbing Spousal Annuities?

Is Medicaid’s long-term care benefit a zero-sum game where limited resources are shifted from one beneficiary to another? For instance, could the government significantly increase long-term care benefits for some by barring people from using spousal annuities to qualify for Medicaid? Or should resources be expanded to provide all eligible seniors and younger people with disabilities the care they need? [...]

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Nursing Homes Can Continue to Require Residents To Agree To Binding Arbitration

It looks like nursing homes will continue to be able to require residents and their families to agree in advance to arbitrate disputes with the facilities, despite an attempt by federal regulators to curb the practice. Late last year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a major rewrite of its nursing home regulations. Most of those rules [...]

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What Happens To Long-Term Care If Trump Remakes Medicare and Medicaid

Washington is buzzing with speculation about how President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican majority in Congress will remake Medicare and Medicaid. But neither the incoming administration nor the Hill GOP is giving much thought to what those changes would mean for frail older adults and younger people with disabilities. By failing to do so, they are creating a potential crisis [...]

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Genworth’s CEO On The Future Of Long-Term Care Insurance, Government Catastrophic Coverage, And Going Private

Last month, Genworth, the biggest seller of long-term care insurance policies in the US, announced it was being acquired by a Chinese investor, China Oceanwide Holdings. I spoke with Genworth CEO Tom McInerney about the deal, the future of long-term care insurance, and the role of government in covering true catastrophic risk. Here is an edited version of our conversation. [...]

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 Dementia Rates Are Falling In the US

An important new national study finds that, after adjusting for age, Americans 65 and older are less likely to get dementia than in the past. The report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn (JAMA) confirms previous regional studies in the US as well as recent research in Europe. The reasons for this decline in prevalence of the [...]

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What You Should Know About The Government’s New Nursing Home Rules

For the first time in 25 years the federal government has completed a comprehensive revision of the way it regulates nursing homes, where 1 million older adults and younger people with disabilities reside. The new regulations—all 700 pages worth—govern everything from staffing and dispute resolution to enhancing the role of residents and families in designing care. They’ll take effect in [...]

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