On Monday, Nov. 4, I’ll be on a panel with a group of some highly respected long-term care policy experts to discuss some international creative models for delivering supports and services. The program, which will be held in Washington, is sponsored by the PBS Newshour and funded by the SCAN Foundation.

We’ll be discussing a broad range of ideas—from the senior village movement in the U.S. to long-term care centers and caregiver support programs in Taiwan and a voucher program in Finland that allows people to tailor government assistance to their personal needs.

We’ll also be looking at the managed long-term supports and services program in Minnesota and California’s in-home supportive services initiative.

I’ll be joined on the panel by Laura Gitlin, director of the  Center for Innovative Care in Aging at  Johns Hopkins University; American Geriatrics Society CEO Jennie Chin Hansen;  Mark McClellan, director of the Health Care Innovation and Value Initiative at The Brookings Institution and a former administrator of CMS; E. Percil Stanford, President of Folding Voice LLC; and Deb Whitman, Executive Vice President of Policy, Strategy and International Affairs at AARP. The moderator will be the NewsHour’s Hari Sreenivasan.

The panel will taped for later broadcast but people are welcome to join the audience. More information is here.