On Thursday, I’ll be participating in an ambitous program sponsored by AARP where  10 authors will discuss their experiences and views about the challenges of family caregiving. Most of us have had the personal experience of caring for family members and know about the subject first-hand.

Some of our books, such as my own Caring for Our Parents, use the personal stories of caregivers to describe the nation’s flawed long-term care policy. Others, such as Peter Rabins (who wrote the terrific The 36-hour Day) provide valuable advice. But I’ll be most excited to meet the novelist Walter Mosley, whose most recent book “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey”,  is a powerful story of a man suffering from dementia and the young woman who cares for him.

Other participating authors will include Carol Levine, Bob Kane, Suzanne Mintz, Cheryl Woodson, Gail Sheehy, Jonathan Rauch, and Jane Gross–all of whom surely will have interesting things to say about caregiving and caregivers.

The program will be held at Union Station in Washington, D.C. this Thursday, December 1 from 9:00 AM to Noon. To learn more, to attend, or to register for the Webcast, link here.