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An End-of-Life Lesson from the UK

More than 8,000 general practitioners in the United Kingdom will soon begin displaying in their offices seven "end-of-life" promises to their patients.  It is a great idea. According to an article in The Independent, every  GP (much like primary care physicians in the U.S.) will post this end-of-life pledge on the wall of their waiting room.    The Charter for End of [...]

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The UK Continues to Struggle With Long-Term Care

If you think the U.S. is struggling over how to finance long-term care, just take a look at what's happening in the U.K. There, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who faces an uphill battle for reelection this spring, has proposed to expand free long-term care to 280,000 of the most needy. His proposal has not only come under fire from the opposition conservatives, but also from many in [...]