Sudipto Banerjee

Many Americans Go Broke In Retirement, But Many Others Gain Wealth In Old Age

While many Americans spend their through assets in old age, a surprising number have more savings two decades after retiring than they do when they leave their jobs.  The phenomenon is yet another chapter in the story of old age in the US-- which might be titled A Tale Of Two Retirements. A new study by Sudipto Benerjee of the [...]

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A Nursing Home Stay Can Ruin Your Finances

It isn't news that needing  long-term care services can be brutal on your finances but a new study shows just how it can destroy your assets.    Median household wealth for those who spend fewer than 30 days in a nursing home is about $108,000. But after 6 months, many nursing home residents are effectively broke, with median assets of barely $5,000. In other words, after [...]