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What Assisted Living and Other Residential Care Looks Like

You’ve probably heard somebody say, “assisted living is the new nursing home.” A new study suggests that, in important ways, it is true. People living in residential care communities, including assisted living, care homes, or adult group homes, look a lot like those who once lived in nursing homes. They suffer from serious chronic conditions, need assistance with daily activities [...]

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Lessons We Can Learn From Frontline’s Expose of Assisted Living

This week, the PBS program Frontline investigated care at the nation’s largest assisted living company—Emeritus Corp.  The program’s message was powerful—and highly controversial:  Residents of some Emeritus facilities are dying as a result of poor care by insufficient and poorly trained staff and a lack of government regulation. I can’t speak to what’s happening at Emeritus, a for-profit company that has [...]

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Not Your Grandmother’s Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living and other residential care facilities are looking more and more like nursing homes. About one in four provide skilled nursing services, between half and two-thirds offer case management, and-- at least among larger facilities---two-thirds offer their residents physical or occupational therapy. More than one-third of residents will make an emergency visit to the hospital and more than one [...]

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