We May Be About To See A Big Change In How Long-Term Care Insurance Is Priced

The way you pay for long-term care insurance policies may be about to change in a big way. Genworth, the biggest seller of stand-alone long-term care insurance, is about to ask state insurance regulators for permission to fundamentally revise the way it structures premiums. Instead of holding premiums flat for several years followed by big double-digit rate hikes, it wants [...]

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Untangling the Medicare Premium Mess—And What It Means For You

If the government doesn’t act soon, nearly one-third of Medicare beneficiaries face a 50 percent increase in their Part B premiums for 2016, while more than two-thirds will pay no premium hike at all. Most beneficiaries will pay the same monthly premium next year as they paid this year--$104.90. But others making the same income will pay $159.30. And some [...]

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