When It Comes To Helping Patients Find Social Supports, Docs Say, “Not My Job.”

A doctor diagnoses your mother with heart disease. She can no longer drive and you know she needs help with transportation to her medical appointments. You ask for advice---and get a blank stare. Or you are dismissed. A growing body evidence shows that social supports may improve the overall well-being of people with medical conditions, especially chronic illness (here and [...]

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Doctors Die Like The Rest of Us

In recent years, it has become conventional wisdom that physicians avoid the end-of-life mistakes that many of the rest of us make.  The story: They die at home rather than in hospital intensive care units. And they rely on comfort care such as hospice or palliative care rather than often-futile high tech medicine. That conventional wisdom, it turns out, is [...]

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What Can Physicians Do To Help Elderly Patients Who Can’t Care For Themselves

Imagine your widowed father is 96 and living alone in a distant city. He’s got severe heart disease and mild dementia but is still competent to make his own choices. And is decision is: He refuses to move to a care facility but will not accept any supports and services that could help him remain safely at home. He won’t let [...]

There Is No Shortage of Doctors Willing Take Medicare Patients

Despite widespread claims that doctors are fleeing Medicare, more than 9 in 10 still accept new Medicare patients and fewer than 1 percent have quit the program. The vast majority of seniors have regular access to a doctor and can find a physician when they need one. And Medicare patients are no more likely than others to have to wait [...]

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