Medicare three-day rule

As The Covid Health Emergency Ends, Medicare Will Stop Paying for Many Skilled Nursing Stays

As the Covid-19 public health emergency ends, many older adults who need a post-hospital stay in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) will be in for an unpleasant surprise: Traditional Medicare may not pay. The change, one among dozens that affect older adults, restores rules from before the pandemic. But they are complicated and will shock many patients and their families, [...]

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Medicare “Observation Status” and Nursing Homes

Instead of admitting patients, hospitals are increasingly keeping them under "observation status." This decision results in lower Medicare payments to the hospitals and more out-of- pocket costs for patients. But it also means that Medicare is no longer paying for some admissions to nursing homes, and is instead shifting those expenses to residents and their families.  What's going on? It is complicated. But here is [...]

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