Jonathan Rauch

Occupy Elder Care: Why Caregivers are Bad Advocates

Why are caregivers for the elderly such bad advocates? There are 40-60  million Americans caring for loved ones yet their needs are widely ignored by the political system.  Thus, politicians rarely rouse themselves to do much to help, and when budget-cutting time comes, what little assistance there is often ends up on the block. The inability of caregivers to organize politically was a major topic of [...]

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Authors To Discuss the Challenges of Family Caregiving

On Thursday, I'll be participating in an ambitous program sponsored by AARP where  10 authors will discuss their experiences and views about the challenges of family caregiving. Most of us have had the personal experience of caring for family members and know about the subject first-hand. Some of our books, such as my own Caring for Our Parents, use the personal stories of caregivers to describe the nation's [...]

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