Jimmo v. Sebelius

A Judge Orders Medicare To Clarify When It Will Pay For Rehab and Skilled Nursing

Imagine your mom has a stroke. Once she is stabilized, she is sent to a skilled nursing facility for rehab. Then she goes home and gets some home health care and additional physical therapy. Medicare may pay, but for how long? For many years, that was decided by the “improvement standard.” In other words, as long as this care helped [...]

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When Medicare Will Pay for Skilled Nursing or Physical Therapy

For years, it has been an article of faith that Medicare would not pay for services such as skilled nursing or physical therapy unless that care improved a patient’s health status.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard doctors, nursing homes administrators, and even case workers say Medicare would stop paying once a patient was no longer getting better. [...]

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Medicare Settlement Does Not Expand Long-Term Care Benefits

Last week, Medicare agreed to expand its skilled nursing care and rehabilitation therapy benefit for some people with chronic disease, including many elderly. This added care, which came in a settlement of a lawsuit brought by a Vermont woman named Glenda Jimmo, the Center for Medicare Advocacy, and others is potentially very important for some Medicare beneficiaries. But the settlement [...]

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