Don Redfoot

Don’t Blame Older Adults For Big Increases In Medicaid Spending

Is the growing need for long-term supports and services (LTSS) by older adults driving big increases in Medicaid spending? Not according to a new study by Don Redfoot and my Urban Institute colleague Melissa Favreault. Indeed, they found that while Medicaid enrollment and expenditures for older adults grew in recent decades, it had far less effect on the program than [...]

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Nursing Home Use by Medicaid Seniors is Plunging

  Take a look at this table, which AARP's Don Redfoot posted earlier this week: It is a remarkable story: Long-stay nursing home care by seniors enrolled in Medicaid has been plummeting for 15 years. It is not clear exactly why, but there are probably several reasons. First, state Medicaid programs have been shifting care from nursing facilities to home and community-based settings--a step that seniors themselves favor and one [...]