Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Social Security Benefits Seem To Be Increasing, But Are They Really?

In response to the recent burst of inflation, the government increased Social Security benefits significantly in the past two years. But compared to average pre-retirement income, net benefits have been falling for decades. And the trend will continue. One big reason: Rapidly rising Medicare premiums that usually are deducted directly from Social Security checks. Think about Social Security benefits in [...]

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Retirement Savings Are Growing, But Not For Everyone

There is a seemingly endless debate about whether Americans have sufficient savings for retirement (see here and here). The answer is that many do. But tens of millions do not. Overall retirement assets have grown enormously in recent years-- to $36 trillion, despite a terrible stock market in 2022. But looking at total retirement plan savings, or even average 401(k) [...]

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Trump Backs Paid Leave for New Parents, But Ignores Those Caring For The Elderly

The Trump Administration believes that caring for babies is so important that employers should give their parents up to six weeks of paid leave. It apparently doesn’t believe it is as important, or as disruptive to work life, to care for aging parents or other relatives in need of personal assistance. That, at least, is the message it is sending [...]

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New Study: CLASS Insurance Unaffordable for Many

A new study by the highly respected Center for Retirement Research at Boston College concludes that premiums for coverage under the CLASS Act--the new voluntary national long-term care insurance program included in the 2010 health reform law--are likely to be unaffordable for many middle class families. The analysis, by center director Alicia Munnell and co-author Josh Hurwitz, projects an average monthly [...]

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Retired Couples Will Spend $260,000 on Medical & LTC Costs

A typical couple would have to save nearly $200,000 to pay for their out-of-pocket medical costs from the time they are 65 until they die, according to an important new study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Add in nursing home costs, and they are likely to need $260,000. But that's only part of the story. About 5 percent of 65-year-old couples will [...]

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