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NIH Steps Back From Project Developing Alzheimer’s Diagnostic Standards

The National Institutes of Health’s Institute of Aging has dropped its name from a controversial joint project with Alzheimer’s Association to revise clinical research standards, which it calls criteria, for determining who has Alzheimer’s disease. The relationship was unusual. NIH rarely sponsors projects to develop such standards, and almost never partners with advocacy groups. Typically, such guidance is written by expert panels organized [...]

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The War Over Whether Medicare Should Pay For New Anti-Alzheimer’s Drugs

The powerful Alzheimer’s Disease lobby is fighting a multi-billion-dollar battle on two fronts. It is quietly trying to limit restrictions the Food and Drug Administration puts on the use of new drugs aimed at slowing the progression of the brain disease. And it is publicly pressing Medicare to pay for the widespread use of the monoclonal antibodies FDA already has [...]

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How Much Money Would An Alzheimer’s Treatment Really Save?

The Alzheimer’s Association predicts that finding a drug treatment for memory loss could save families and the government $935 billion over 10 years. But its report tells only part of the story and ignores key costs, including costs of the therapy itself. The group could have included an estimated price of those therapies in its report but chose not to, citing the uncertainties [...]

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Stop Hyping Alzheimer’s Cures, Learn to Care for People Who Have the Disease

You can't escape the seemingly ubiquitous news stories about the latest cure for Alzheimer's. There is only one problem: None of them are true. Some are simply frauds. But many are over-hyped interpretations of serious research. You know the story...In what may be a major breakthrough in the battle against Alzheimer's disease... Over at Dr. Al Power wrote a terrific blog post [...]

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