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What Are Adult Day Centers—Besides The Basis For Political Insults?

Adult day centers seem to have made it into the political debate in Washington, though not in a good way. In his nasty weekend  back-and-forth with President Trump, Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) suggested the White House has become an “adult care center” and wondered if the staff had “missed a shift” when Trump launched his Sunday Twitter storm. Yesterday, Rep [...]

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Congress Cuts or Freezes Most Senior Services Programs in New Budget Deal

Congress is about to agree to a bipartisan budget for 2014 that will at best freeze federal spending for many critical senior services. In a few cases, the fiscal plan will increase funding a bit from the low levels driven by last year’s across-the-board “sequester” spending cuts. But for the most part, programs will have to meet growing demand for [...]

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Driving Senior Services Over the Fiscal Cliff

With the election behind him, Barack Obama's first item of business will be dealing with the fiscal cliff--that toxic combination of tax increases and automatic spending cuts that are due to kick in on Jan 2, unless Congress acts to delay or replace them with a long-term deficit reduction plan.  Going over the cliff would mean deep cuts in a wide range of government programs. [...]

The Battle over California’s Adult Day Programs

Want to see the future of adult day programs for the frail elderly and adults with disabilities? Just watch what is happening in California, where 26,000 participants and the centers that care for them are struggling to manage state budget cuts and huge uncertainty.  Adult day programs can be a key support for the frail elderly or other adults with [...]

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The Rising Cost of Long-Term Care Services

The Metlife Mature Market Institute has released its annual survey of the cost of long-term care services, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day programs, and home care. And the news is not good. On average, provider costs rose far faster than the rate of inflation. The only exceptions were home care services, where costs were unchanged from 2010 [...]

The Future of Adult Day Care

In a move that shocked many in the elder care community, California has ended funding for its adult day care program. The question now is what will happen to the nearly 5,000 others that operate throughout the country. California's $169 million program serves about 35,000 low-income seniors and other adults with disabilities.  The program will end in January when state Medi-Cal funding (the state's [...]

Family Caregivers Need to Care for Themselves

The wonderful families I met while writing Caring for Our Parents had many things in common: The made tremendous sacrifices to help frail parents or spouses, they brought deep love and great patience to this responsibility. And under great physical, emotional, and financial stress, they often ignored their own health.  It may sound selfish, but if you are assisting a loved one, [...]

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